Sales incentive

Group Sales Incentive Plan : During the validity of your IBA ID as soon as you personally accumulate 1 joining on selling of SUN GPRS combo on your IBA ID. Based on the volume of SUN GPRS combo purchase by you & your team of IBAs, joining will be accumulated in your IBA ID. Based on the joining accumulated every week, group sales incentive will be paid to you as per the eligibility criteria and as per group sales incentive plan as mentioned below

Group Sales Incentive Plan
First Step of 9 Joining 3600/- (Read Early Advantage Offer  Below)
Second Step of 9 Joining & Above upto 4500 miles 3500/- for every 9 Joining

Early Advantage Offer : Early advantage offer splits the first 9 joining in 3 slabs of 3 joining each.
First 3 Joining 1200/
Second 3 Joining 1200/

Third 3 Joining


NOTE: Weekly Group Incentive will be paid based on the miles accrued as per the sales and marketing plan After 4500 miles, the Group Sales Incentive will be paid as per the step rate of that week. All payable Sales Incentive under sales and marketing Plan or any other plan/offer are inclusive of service tax. All payments shall be subject to TDS and other applicable statutory deductions as per the low time being in force. All IBA’s shall submit their PAN details to the company to receive sales Incentive. No commission will be paid for referring IBAs. Merchandising profit and sales incentive will be paid to IBAs as commission, proportionate to the sales of the Company products. Commission to IBAs will be paid only through NEFT, as such all IBAs who earned commission shall submit required documents to register for NEFT. Visit website for more details.


1) SUN GPRS IBA ship is not an Employment / Job and also not a monthly income guarantee scheme. Income as a sales commission from SUN GPRS is directly proportionate to the sale of SUN GPRS combos. No commission will be paid for referring people to become an IBA of company.

2) Be aware of the company’s combo Exchange & refund policy. In case you or your customer find the purchased combos or not entirely to your / customer satisfaction. You / customer can change the combos within 60 days from the date of purchase of the combos or you / customer can claim refund of the combos cost within 30 days from the date of purchase by returning the combos purchased in saleable condition along with the original invoice. Subject to company’s term & conditions.

3) Please visit SUN GPRS website for updated price list and offers provided from time to time.