Mobile crane operator

Mobile crane operator

The candidates for ITI's Mobile Crane Operator - Initial Program are individuals who are new to mobile crane operation.

This course is designed for those who have little or no experience with mobile crane operation. The course helps establish good operating practices for the participant while gaining seat-time and real-life operating experience.

Participants will conduct pre-operational inspections of hydraulic cranes. Each will be given individual instruction regarding crane operating basics and will gain seat-time while handling an empty and loaded hook.

Course Subjects

1. Center of Gravity
2. Radius
3. Rated Strength
4. Leverage
5. Counterweights
6. Load Charts
7. Stability
8. Range Diagram
9. Load Weight Calculation
10. Wind
11. Side Loading
12. Static/Dynamic Loading
13. Tipping Axis
14. Outrigger Postition
15. Reeving
16. Swingout
17. Multi-Crane Lifts
18. Gross/Net Loads
19. Crane Setup
20. High Voltage
21. OSHA/ASME Standards
22. Operator's Responsibilities
23. Simple Maintenance
24. Daily Inspection
25. Jibs/Boom Extensions
26. Calculating Capacities
27. Boom Length/Angle
28. Operating Practices
29. Pick and Carry Exercises
30. Applicable Federal, State, and Provincial Regulations & Standards